Electric motors




Design of Electric Motors in Modena

AT Motors is a 100% Italian company that has been engaged in the design and manufacturing of electric motors in Modena and other cities in Emilia Romagna for several years. Despite being a highly technological firm, it maintains strong ties to its local territory, preserving its traditions. All AT Motors products stand out for their high quality; they are entirely Made in Italy, with components sourced from the beautiful country.

Among the electric motors designed in Modena, the Brushless motors are noteworthy, ideal for various purposes. The company’s staff also creates Gearless motors and various windings. The company’s team can undertake the design process based on customer requests and needs. Therefore, if you need to purchase specific electric motors, you can contact the staff, who will strive to understand your requirements and design an electric motor tailored for you.

Production Service of Electric Motors in Modena

AT Motors’ products are already used in many companies in Italy and abroad, distinguished by high safety and excellent reliability. These devices can be used without any issues for many years, all covered by warranty and protected by various safety systems. The electric motors manufactured at AT Motors’ facilities undergo multiple tests and trials to certify their quality. Fundamental characteristics of each electric motor, such as resistance and voltage, are tested.

Moreover, the details composing the motor are scrutinized to ensure their integrity. Such a comprehensive approach to motor manufacturing allows the company to be 100% confident in its products. If you decide to purchase an electric motor from AT Motors, you can also benefit from the testing service: the motor is brought directly to your specified location, and the company’s specialists take care of conducting the motor test.

Applications of AT Motors Electric Motors

The motors produced by the company find applications in a wide range of different sectors. The company’s personnel manufacture a diverse range of motors for bikes and the automotive industry. In the past, various electric motors have been developed for supercars or Off-Highway vehicles. By contacting the AT Motors team, you can benefit from the creation of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) electric motors, low-voltage motors, or motors for pumps.

Since its inception many years ago, the company has also been involved in the design and production of electric motors for elevators in Modena and other cities in Emilia Romagna. Comprehensive information about various products will always be provided, including details regarding cost, durability, and usage of the purchased electric motor. Additionally, the company may offer discounts on the production of the electric motor.