Our history

Founded in 1983 by Testi Maurizio, AT Motors is located in the heart of the Motor Valley in Soliera. During its initial decade, the company focused on manufacturing windings for both DC and AC electric motors.

Since the 2000s, AT Motors has primarily been engaged in the production of Gearless motors, particularly for elevator applications. Since 2009, the company has been under the administration of Alessandro Testi.

Since the second half of the 2010s, AT Motors has been collaborating with automotive, naval, and bike manufacturers for the prototyping and production of motors. The company offers clients product analysis, development consulting, and ultimately creates prototypes as part of its comprehensive services.

In December 2022 AT Motors joins HPE Group, an industrial group based in Modena that already includes three other companies, active in similar and complementary sectors but with different core businesses: HPE S.r.l., an engineering and development company for endothermic engines, electric motors and electrified systems; Coxa S.p.A., a manufacturing company; and Pure Power Control, a company that develops and supplies innovative vehicle control systems. The entry into this new entity gives AT Motors even greater stimulus and commercial energy, enabling it to reach new markets and enrich the range of products offered.