Insulating materials.
Depending on the functionality and duration of the machine, they are the most sensitive to thermal stresses, both electric and mechanical. The principle properties of insulating materials are: the dielectric strength (the maximum voltage difference that the material can support without discharge), the dielectric constant, and the thermal conductivity. An increase in 10° C of operating temperature roughly halves the life of a dielectric. Based on the properties of resistance to temperature, the following insulation classes are defined: A 105 °C, E 120 °C, B 130 °C, F 155 °C, H 180 °C, C over 180 °C.

omex/Mylar/Nomex is derived as the laminate of a thin film of polyester between two layers of aramid Nomex (Du Pont). Each layer of aramid Nomex is 0.050mm thick which, by varying the thickness, allows for a wide range of  laminates. Maximum operating temperatures: Class F 155°C (IEC 60626) – Class H 180°C (UL 1446). Minimum operating temperature: Nomex® -200°C / Resin –60°C / Polyester –60°C

Glass Silicone tube scs 7
Temperature class: C Operating temperature range: from -60°C to +250°C with peaks at +290°C (for up to a few hours) Dielectric Stiffness: from 1.5 to 15 kV  
Flammability: Auto-extinguishing
Good mechanical strength
Resistance to transformer oils according to UTEC 93641
Good compatibility with class C paint
Complies with RoHS 2002/95/CE

The flexible laminate insulator N.K.N is derived from of a film of polyimide Kapton HN (Du Pont) inserted between two strips of aramid Nomex (Du Pont). It is possible to obtain a wide range of laminate thickness because in addition to varying the Nomex thickness, it is also possible to vary the thickness of the Kapton film. Maximum operating temperature: Class H 180° C (CEI 85) / Class N 200° C (UL 1446). Minimum operating temperature: Nomex -200° C / Resin -60° C / Kapton -269° C

Radox Cable
Nominal voltage: 600 V
Operating temperature: from -55 to +150°C  Class F. Radox UL/CSA cables are unipolar whose insulation is cross-linked by irradiation (??). They resist high pressure and temperatures, with excellent mechanical properties and good resistance to chemical agents. Briefly reaching temperatures of up to 250° C does not damage the insulation. They are compatible with paint (??) and resin, and they retard the propogation of fire.

Nomex Adhesive Tape
Nomex 50 adhesive tape consists of a strip of aramid Nomex bonded to an acrylic adhesive.
Maximum operating temperature: Class F 155°C
Characteristics: suitable for the insulation of power transformers, coils, and heads of motor windings