Electric Motor Windings

For over 30 years, we produce brushless motors, multi-speed elevator motors and gearless motors.

Who We Are

AT Motors srl has operated in the field of windings for electric motors since 1983, when it was founded by Maurizio Testi. Maurizio remains involved on the technical side, while the management and organization is instead followed by his son Alessandro.

AT Motors srlhas continued to develop and grow by continuously investing energy and economic resources in technology research and the people that make up the company.

What We Do

The types of motors that we have always produced are: brushless motors, multi-speed elevator motors and gearless motors.
The primary objective of the entire staff is customer satisfaction and the continuous research of solutions to meet the contemporary needs and requests of the market.


Brushless motors are an evolution of synchronous electric motors. Synchronous motors function on alternating current, with the rotational velocity directly linked to the frequency of voltage applied to the terminals.

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These are brushless motors that are typically used in place of asynchronous motors or DC motors coupled to a gearbox. Gearless motors are function literally without gears.

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Windings for motors installed on elevators, automobiles, small buses 100% electric.

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